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American Intercontinental University
"AIU and other similar schools are a burden on society. They prey on and take advantage of un-savvy consumers who are looking to better their lives by misleading them into buying over-priced, low-quality degrees" 
Capella University, and
Site owner alleges that the University subjected him to retaliation after he complained to the University that the University’s course room software was inaccessible to students with disabilities.
Capella files SLAPP against owner for defamation etc.
Crown College
"Thus if you attend Crown College you can expect to have trouble transferring your credits elsewhere! Crown College has been lying about that fact, and others, for at least as long as 1998 and has been sued successfully three times paying out over $150,000 in damages and attorney fees, and had an injunction issued against it." Additional URL's: and

A student at LSU's law school decided to establish a personal website, which included helpful links for himself and other LSU law school students. LSU decided to sue, claiming he was infringinging on their trademark rights.  This was Not a gripe site.

As of this writing, the website publisher was being represented by a Louisiana ACLU attorney. More information is available at the site:


University of California Santa Barbara
Information about issues and problems at University of California Santa Barbara.
See Story.
University of Phoenix (University of Phoenix Sucks)
University of Phoenix (My University of Phoenix Mistake)

Gripe Sites
Bad AmSouth

Farmers Insurance Sucks

Kaiser Gripe Site
Kaiser thrives on ruining lives.

Screw PayPal

University of Phoenix Sucks

Capella University Sucks Gripe Site

Honda Sucks Gripe Site

Halliburton Watch

Truth about American Intercontinental University



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