Chronicling web "gripe sites" and other sites confronted with legal action

Auto Gripe Sites

Status  Gripe Site
A car buyer's website about his experiences with Alco Auto Sales in West Atlantic City, NJ
"The unofficial BMW lemon site" by a disgruntled BMW owner
  (Chevy Cavalier):
Ontario car buyer's experiences with a new Chevrolet Cavalier
originally published and - relinquished those domain names as part of a legal settlement.
Public Citizen press release
Threatened by both General Motors and Ford. Info
A carbuyer found himself becoming ill from the car's HVAC system and learned it was a mould Aspergillus fumigatus
(Associated with Fu**
One carbuyer's experiences with a car dealer, including photos of the car dealer's actions when he picketed at the dealership.
consumer bought a "Certified" Lexus which turned out to be something other than he thought. The Lexus Dealer sued the website owner for Slander, libel, etc and that case was dismissed, according to the website publisher.
Suzuki agrees to buy back lemon but demands consumer take down gripesite as a precondition and refuses to pay attorney fees.
Lengthy litigation has been going on for years.
Should a man named Nissan be able to publish

Phoenix Hard Parts Sucks
A conumer's experience with a replacment transmission
They wrecked his BMW! Read about how they tried to talk him into accepting having it rebuilt--and how he prevailed.
The Cincinnati Enquirer ran a story about several gripe sites, including
This website has also been covered on local television and (who knows?) there may be more media coverage on the horizon...
Consumer publishes gripesite and is sued by Massachusetts car dealer for slander. The case is dismissed by the Court. A victory for the consumer and free speech on the web! (Volkswagen gripe)
(includes forum)

My Bad VW Experience (Volkswagen gripe)