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  American Heritage Homes Gripe Sites:

(a website about) American Heritage Homes
Irate home buyer tells of problems with builder at
home buyer relates numerous problems and disputes.  From the site: "We have had one dissapointment after another from this builder due to a complete lack of attention to detail, and disregard for quality construction in our home."

Blog regarding Long Lake Builders in Houston, Texas. "You will be bullied into closing on unfinished house."..."Door knobs don't match faucets that don't match towel bars and toilet paper holders."..."They don't seal the ceramic."
"Drees Custom Homes aka Zaring Homes aka Ausherman Homes aka Expression Homes"
Alleges Sales Rep misrepresented the road behind the house.  Home owner discusses complaints and dissatisfaction with his home.
  Huntington Homes (Sanders Custom Builder Ltd.)
Homeowner reports moving out because of problems with home, including mold and numerous construction problems.
  (a website about) Lindal Cedar Homes Rip-Offs
Advocacy for Lindal customers and dealers by an ex-lindal salesperson, sunroom dealer/builder and customer.
This was an excellent site.  This site won 2005 Forbes Best Gripe site.  On June 30, 2005 KB Home filed an ICANN complaint against and lost.  KB Home appealed and it looks like they settled as the site is shut down.
  K. Hovnanian Homes Sucks
"Thinking about buying a K. Hovnanian Home? You may want to think about it some more!!"
K. Hovnanian Home Alert and  
"This web site was established out of frustration between myself and my homebuilder, K. Hovnanian Enterprises. For 10 Months I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to get them to complete my needed warranty work. After filing a lawsuit, setting this site up, and doing voice and fax blasts I FINALLY got them to response." (URL now forwards to
  My Leaky Lennar Home
During the very first rain after the purchase, we literally had to carry four buckets into two different attic spaces to catch rain leaking into our brand new home....
Roofing contractor does roofing--and reportedly damages siding. 
Complaints about Pulte Homes in Lenexa, Kansas
Reynen and Bardis and
"This website is about our Reynen and Bardis nightmare." 
We had to evacuate our home a few months later. Out of the first ten years ownership 3 1/2 years were spent in an apartment or motel due to the damages defects caused. This is when I arrived at the opinion that this company was a remorseless money making machine that contradictorily operates within the realm of public trust.
(a website about) Ryland Homes
by the buyer of a Ryland home
  Sapphire Bay Condominiums West, St Thomas, VI
Condo owners complain about multiple issues
Sprayed-On Review (
Homeowners speak out about sprayed-on siding, including "Alvis Coatings." (Site Currently down)
"Taylor Building Corporation of Louisville, Kentucky started building a home for us in early 2003. The house was being built on our property where we have lived ever since January 1969. We noticed things going wrong and hired an independent building inspector in June 2003. The early tale of our troubles can be found on Hadd's 'Rate Your Builder' site" (search for Taylor)...."In the federal website and trademark infringement lawsuit, Taylor forced the ISP to take down the website and we're waiting until Judge Delott and our website attorney give us permission to put it back up. We still have the rights to the do!"
  Terminix Consumer Alert (
Terminix pursues customer for using its name in gripe site.
Public Citizen Press Release: Corporate Pest Controls Itself
Irate homeowner complaining about the practices of the developer
  Traton Homes Sucks
"I was surprised to learn how much Traton truly did not care about their customers!" Traton Home Documents
(all domain names point to the same place)
Started when the publisher actually praised a real estate development; turned nasty when the developer threatened suit.
   Pulte Homes Gripe Sites:
  The Pulte Homes Experience
by a buyer of a Pulte home
"Get Pulte Out of Tennessee"
  PE Retired
Critical of Pulte homes: "Roof trusses that are barely attached, missing roof bracing, a missing roof truss, roofs that leak,cracked foundations..." (site has been discontinued)
Website by a North Carolina Pulte homebuyer
   Homeowner Advocacy Groups:
  Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings (HADD)
A homeowner advocacy group
  HomeOwners for Better Building (HOBB)
a site chronicling a multitude of homeowner complaints and offering suggestions
   Homeowner Blog:
  New Home Builders News Blogs
current information about the building industry.  Blog dedicated to providing new home buyers with relevant and timely news articles pertaining to the tactics and exploits of the new home building industry.

Gripe Sites
Bad AmSouth

Farmers Insurance Sucks

Kaiser Gripe Site
Kaiser thrives on ruining lives.

Screw PayPal

University of Phoenix Sucks

Capella University Sucks Gripe Site

Honda Sucks Gripe Site

Halliburton Watch

Truth about American Intercontinental University



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