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Aircraft Maintenance
Website established by a pilot whose plane crashed as a result of engine failure. The plane had been serviced four hours earlier. According to the website, An NTSB investigation indicated the maintenance company installed the wrong piston, causing the engine failure. The maintenace company's lawyer sent a Cease & Desist demand. When last checked, this site was offline.
Air France
See Story.
Alitalia Airlines
Gripe site about Italian air carrier
American Airlines
American Airlines gripe site
Delta Airlines
Complaints about Delta Airlines' security procedures.
Related site, complaining about CAPS II: DontSpyOn.Us
Delta Airlines
Disgruntled Delta Airlines customer
Jetsgo Jetsgo (
The website was originally set up by a man who wanted to broadcast his displeasure with the airline when his flight home for Christmas was cancelled because the crew was late.

But a note posted on the site after last week's announcement said that traffic had "greatly increased" since then.

The site's discussion board includes former Jetsgo employees revealing safety and training shortcomings, and pleading for sympathy because they lost their jobs.
Northwest Airlines
Northwest customer who got past his anger but established the site anyway
"But a proportion of passengers can find themselves in a situation where they are left helpless and/or have to pay a lot of money."
UK citizen complains about Ryanair, a European airline. It appears a law firm had the gripesite shut down by complaining to the publisher's ISP, whereupon the publisher changed ISP providers and published the site again. The law firm apparently has complained to the new ISP, attempting to shut down the website. Article
United Airlines
A gripe site devoted to UAL / United Airlines. The site was originally located at a student's university website. The company's lawyer sent a letter to the university charging trademark infringement, prompting the publisher to establish

Gripe Sites
Bad AmSouth

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Kaiser Gripe Site
Kaiser thrives on ruining lives.

Screw PayPal

University of Phoenix Sucks

Capella University Sucks Gripe Site

Honda Sucks Gripe Site

Halliburton Watch

Truth about American Intercontinental University



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