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a gripe site about American Express, including information about lawsuits, news stories, etc.
Bank gripe site with Forum.
"Bank of America is about to learn that over 80% of Americans are fed up with illegal immigration!"
"Capital One does not help anyone rebuild their credit! If you have a current account with Capital One, you should just pay it off and close the account. Capital One Sucks! Capital One issues only junk credit cards with low limits to sucker people into overlimit and any other kind of fees they can dream up. Capital One is anything but hassle free."
Consumer gets over-credited $500 then notifies bank.  Bank debits her account $500 and then charges her a $6 research fee. Press release.
Complaints about Fidelity Investments handling of account.
Domain names were part of a WIPO decision
A bulletin board devoted to comments about Mellon Bank
"Bank Of America and Mercantile Savings Bank in Quincy, IL have throughout all of this preyed on beneficiary's ignorance and twisted the trust document into something that it clearly isn't."
established by a disgruntled PayPal user
"This website was created in August of 2004, after over two years of problems with U.S. Bank's mishandling of my grandfather's Trust. Everything stated on the site is based upon extensive documentation...US Bank has most recently asked the Court to hold it "harmless" for all of its actions."
(Why would it make that request of a court...unless it's concerned about possible consequences of its actions?)

Vilana Financial/Andrew Vilenchik Sued for Copyright Violation Chris Gregerson put up this web site which states, "Vilana Financial offers debt consolidation loans, home financing, foreclosure bailouts, and other major financial transactions. Based on the events described above, I believe Vilana Financial can't be trusted to act in good faith or be honest. I take offense that they sued me when I wrote about their obvious unauthorized use of my photo, and their suit was based on a document signed by a person who doesn't exist ("Michael Zubitskiy")."  Vilana Financial sued to have the web page removed alleging the title of the page was false and defamatory.
Zurich Financial Services Sucks
Documents the bid-rigging settlements with US States.

Gripe Sites
Bad AmSouth

Farmers Insurance Sucks

Kaiser Gripe Site
Kaiser thrives on ruining lives.

Screw PayPal

University of Phoenix Sucks

Capella University Sucks Gripe Site

Honda Sucks Gripe Site

Halliburton Watch

Truth about American Intercontinental University



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